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Keyword Research Made Easier

Prism gives you all the tools you need to conduct intelligent keyword research. Keyword idea generation, powerful filters, and valuable metrics provide the key ingredients needed for every keyword research project.

Niche Building and Rich Taxonomies

Other keyword tools let you create keyword lists. Prism allows you to define industries and niches by grouping related keywords and creating unlimited children categories. Now you can perform keyword research in a manner that is consistent with your content structure and ad groups.

Data Visualizations

Charts, graphs and word clouds help to bring insight into your process. Prism will help make sense out of your large keyword data sets and let you compare the strengths (or weaknesses) of your keyword categories.

Premium Metrics

Select the most valuable keywords in your categories and Prism will automatically obtain Premium Metrics for each of those keywords. Prism offers a generous number of premium data points each month.